Snorkel Gear

Having good quality snorkel gear that fits correctly is important to staying relaxed and having a good time while snorkeling. We use only the best top quality gear available.

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Frameless Silicone Mask
We use a frameless, clear silicone mask with an incredibly soft material that comfortably seals to your face. We have multiple sizes available to ensure a perfect fit.

Premium Semi-Dry Snorkel
The set also includes an easy-to-use semi-dry snorkel. Thanks to the semi-dry valve at the top of the snorkel, there is no need to traditionally clear the snorkel. Now, all that is required is a gentle blow and any residual water will easily be cleared out of the bottom.

Soft Rubber Fins
The snorkel set wouldn’t be complete without fins. Fins are easy to use and come in handy when needing a little more push through the water.

Mesh Snorkel Bag
We include a mesh snorkel bag which makes it easy to just dip in water to clean the sand off the snorkel gear before putting it into your car.

Mask Defog
No snorkel set would be complete without mask defogger. Not being able to see out of your mask can be frustrating. Simply putting a couple of drops of mask defogger and rubbing it around the inner surface of the mask lens will stop the mask from fogging over. No need to rinse out the defogger; leaving a layer of defogger on the lens is what prevents the mask from fogging.

Snorkel Map
Each snorkel rental will include a complete snorkel map of Maui. There is also an interactive snorkel and surf map on the snorkel map page.

*Free Delivery to South Maui with any weekly rental of snorkel gear. (We highly recommend that everyone renting a snorkel set be present at the time of delivery to ensure a proper fit.)

All this for only:

$10/24 hrs